Month: August 2012

Belmont To Brooklyn

For the next 4 months (until December 12, specifically) I will be participating in Belmont’s study away program, Belmont East, in New York City..  This means that my life will be a bit crazier than the crazy it already is, but in all sorts of good ways.

This also means that blogging on this website may be temporarily lacking because I will be blogging on another site about my experiences in New York City.

If you want to stay up to date about the city, internships, and other things that evolve throughout the next few months, follow all the glory that is Belmont to Brooklyn.


The Olympics vs Social Media

The Olympics are in full swing, and this year is the first year that social media has really been around during the games. And that’s become more and more clear with each day, and each new news story about the role social media is playing — for better or worse.

The pros:
-By following my favorite Olympian on Twitter, or by liking them on Facebook, I feel more connected to them. It’s all much more personal and now I want them to do that much better because I can connect with them. If I’m lucky, they might even reply to a Tweet or in some cases call me!