Author: Valerie Wire

Belmont University graduate; Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations. New media, public relations, entertainment & the ever-changing world seem to be quite fascinating and a wonderful muse.

A world before, 10 years later.

In a time before social networking and hashtags, before phones were smarter than some humans, before hipsters and Flash Mobs, and even scarcely before iPods, when books and newspapers were not being read electronically, and barely past Y2K and the scare that surrounded it, the United States was changed forever.

Ten years ago, on September 11, 2001, the United States was targeted by a group, a force, of people with one common goal — death & destruction.  To destroy a nation as they knew it, a nation which stood for all that they stood against.  To target the lives of thousands of innocent people, to take them from their friends and their families, and alter reality as we all once knew it…



And so it begins…

Day 21: Do I dare?

There always comes that time for the first post.  There’s always that struggle of oh, what do I say? Do I say, “WOO FIRST POST,” and leave it at that, or do I post something thoughtful and awesome that shows how much of a creative and deep-thinker I am?  Do I post something about myself?  Do I post something random, or something that will be similar to what the posts to come will be like? Well, I have no idea what to post, either.  It’s best to use the band-aid method, though, and just get-it-over-with!

And, honestly, I’m not sure if I’d be able to post anything like what other posts will be like.  Because, honestly, I’m not sure what they’ll be like.  They will, most likely, incorporate that of news, pop culture, the entertainment industry, the music industry, photography, travel, social media, interesting and thought-provoking subjects, and everything in between.  I simply cannot promise you one thing, because I can only promise you everything.