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The Musical Magic of Spotify

And why I’m sad I didn’t know about it sooner.

I have been a music connoisseur and seeker since the days I can remember.  I would go out and buy CDs of musicians and bands I had never heard of, or only recognized by word of mouth, just to simply take in all that they were and created.  I would scour online for free downloads, music, albums and everything that I could possibly find by any artist I knew (or didn’t know, in some cases) even a little bit about.

With the birth of iTunes, I was so happy to have all of my music in one, organized and simple to use space.  Especially a space that  could house so much music!  The one downfall, though, was money.  As we all know, it doesn’t grow on trees, and as a student, I definitely don’t have a budget to afford buying music to my heart’s content.  This became a problem over the years, even with Pandora and YouTube and other music sites where one can listen, but not keep on a computer.

Another thing I was always very interested in was sharing my music with friends, and hearing the music they were interested in.  Particularly those friends of mine who liked a wide variety of artists, especially ones that I had not heard of or listened to before.

Then, this week, I was introduced to… SPOTIFY. To my dismay, I had not known about this little speck from heaven sooner….