Decisions & Definitions

So, as you may or may not know, this blog was partially an “assignment” for my Social Media in Public Relations class.  However, I don’t view it as much as an “assignment,” but rather a challenge.  I’ve always been interested in blogging, but I’ve never quite figured out how to fit it in my life.  Or how to blog about something that people, other than my close friends & family, actually care to read on a regular basis.  Or — bum bum bum! — how to pick a solid topic.

If you know me relatively well, or even have just known me for a short time, you also may or may not know that I am TERRIBLE with decisions.  It’s a problem.  With that, comes the difficulty of deciding on a cohesive and copacetic topic for this (what I hope to be) very lovely blog of mine.  And yes, this deciding of a topic was an “assignment…”

But, it wasn’t too bad of an assignment.  I mean, research shows, as well as common knowledge, that blogs (as are most sources of interesting reading) are most successful when they stick to ONE topic. One topic. This means to pick one thing that I’m interested about to write about on a regular basis.  Can you think of one thing that you would only ever want to write about?  I’m sure you can, if you reeeeeeally thought about it.  I mean, there are plenty of successful bloggers who do so on a day-to-day basis.  But, I’m not one of those people.

I have many, many interests (as I pointed out in my about

section).  Some of which overlap (thankfully), others, sadly, do not.  I have a love of music and the entertainment industry, specifically celebrities and what their high-profile (or, sometimes, low profile) lives in ensue.  I have a passion for music education, which came from my internship with the VH1 Save The Music Foundation.  I have a love for self-empowerment, self-betterment, and inspirational quotes.  I am enthralled in history and knowledge, knowing that I can never learn too much.  I have this fascination with social media and the advancement of technology and the powers it influences on society.  But, mostly, I’m just a girl in college, try to get from one day to anothe

r, while planning for a career and life after school … which hopefully includes a job in this job market!

I could try to promise you a blog about one topic — such as music, or shows, or celebrities, or fascinating and interesting things I’ve read, or even my daily routine.  But, I could never make that promise knowing it’d be empty. And, if it’s one thing I pride myself on, and one thing I hope you learn from me from all of this, is that I do not like to go back on my word.

So, unfortunately, I cannot promise you one topic, but I can promise you one thing.  I can promise that this blog will be full of thought-provoking ideas, thoughts and images, as well as entertaining stories, comments and concerns about the happenings in my world and the world around us.  I can promise you that I will post about the things I find interesting, and hope that you find some interest and

hope in them along the way.  To make this easier, of course, I will create categories that co-inside with the topics that I am blogging about, so that you may better find subjects that meet your interests.  I realize this may not be the “norm” or the “best” way to do this, but I’ve honestly never been one to just go with the flow anyways.  This blog may not be the biggest hit in the world, or inspire movies, or books, or television shows, but I can only hope that it inspires you in the way that the topics I choose to write about inspire me.

I can only hope that in promising you nothing, and by promising you something, I have promised you everything; which is, after all, the only thing that I can promise, anyways.

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