#OccupyWallStreet takes on Times Square

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…and the counter terrorism unit, apparently.

It has been reported, and tweeted (trending, no less), that Occupy Wall Street has moved to Times Square today.

Now, the news that was anticipated for today was how the protests spread world-wide… but, of course, the original #OWS gang is stealing the spotlight, yet again.

Seriously, though, moving to Times Square today was the quite the move on their part.  I’ve read, via Twitter, that the estimated numbers of people there is expected to exceed the number normally there on New Years Eve.  That’s a reported 60,000+, folks.  And growing.

Not to mention that the police have definitely taken notice.  I’ve also read on twitter that there are police officers, police horses as well as the counter terrorism unit showed up to barricade and control the crowds.  It’s even being reported (yes, still on Twitter) that all protestors present in Times Square are subject to being arrested…

As of now, only one protestor, and two police officers has been reported as injured.  However, updated from the one arrest earlier, it was reported that 42 people were arrested in Times Square.  I heard, though am not certain, that these several of these protestors were arrested for wearing face masks, though, which could have been easily prevented… The march is said to continue on tonight to Washington Square Park at 10p, which hopefully means out of Times Square (for everyone’s sake.)

Now, as I follow all of this unfolding on Twitter, I can’t help but wonder… where is the mainstream media news?  Seldom articles have been found by even the NYT or CNN (though, they are starting to appear, but it they took their sweet time to trickle in), but the fact that this is happening on Twitter is probably the most mesmerizing to me.  People aren’t going to their regular news sources, they’re following these events on social media.

Occupy Wall Street has had such a following on Twitter that, most often, it’s seen in hashtag form — #OccupyWallStreet — even outside of the Twitterverse.

I did some retweeting and tweeting about the Times Square march as I found out about it.  One of my tweets commented on how mesmerized I am by it all, and here are a few responses…

-@SoLaTiDoBlades: @Valerie_Wire yes..watching it on live cam now…They are us, we are them..Sending them my best thoughts and wishes..It’s dangerous there

-@TaosPhotography: @Valerie_Wire …absolutely glued and totally mesmerized…

@Amladydragonfly: @Valerie_Wire I’ve barely slept this week I am so energized by it!

I also just recently saw a tweet that said, “@KatClaxton: At this point the only difference between footage of Libya and what I’m seeing in Times Sq is the absence of rifles fired into the sky #OWS” (May I point out, she is referring to the marches and protests that happened in Libya, which were also largely supported through the means of social media.)

Social media, and Twitter especially, is truly revolutionizing the world, and Occupy Wall Street is a perfect example of that.

Through social media, those who are unable to physically attend Occupy Wall Street are able to “be there” given their presence on social media tools.  People are able to use their voice on their Facebook’s, their Twitter’s, and other outlets in order to be heard.

Through social media, those attending these marches, rallies, sit-ins, and day-to-day events are able to share what is going on as it happens.  They are able to be the sources of news, firsthand, given their experiences.

This just goes to show the power social media has, especially in movements such as Occupy Wall Street.  This is only driving the point home that social media is not only able to be used to connect and reconnect, but to truly change the world, and create a unity insurmountable by any other means.

How do you think social media has influenced and played a role in #OccupyWallStreet?

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