Saving The Music

Imagine your life without music. Really, without music.  No radio, none of your favorite songs playing at your command, no iPod, no soundtracks to movies or TV shows, no nothing.

Can you do it?

I’ve participated in music programs for as long as I can remember.  In 4th grade I started singing at church and in choir, and as I progressed to high school I went on to participate in Choir, Liturgical Ensemble, Madrigals, Musical Theater and even become Captain and Band President of my high school marching band.  Music, very quickly, became not only something that I participated in regularly, but it was defining who I was, who I’ve become, and who I will become.

Music programs are being cut from school budgets across the country, leaving children no opportunity to have the experiences like I’ve had, and like I’m sure many of you have had. Budgets are being cut, or completely taken away, leaving children with nothing to hold on to.

More importantly, music provides an outlet for children.  It allows creativity and ways of thinking that other educational programs do not promote.  It provides excitement throughout the long school days, and something to look forward to between all of the structured class time.  Not to mention, that time and time again it has been proven that children who participate in music education outshine and better perform on standardized testing than the children who did not have the advantage to.

So my question is, not to have you imagine your life without music, but think of all that music has done for you, your life, and shaped you. Why would we want to pull these programs out of our schools, and take these advantages away from the leaders of tomorrow?

This is why the VH1 Save The Music Foundation holds a near and dear place in my heart.  Because they are focused on restoring these music programs in public schools across the nation, and they are driven to give every child everywhere equal opportunity to explore and benefit from music education.

I not only had the privilege of interning with them over the summer, and I continue to do small amounts of work for them from afar, but it’s really opened my eyes to the world of music education and all that it can truly provide for today’s youth, and tomorrow’s leaders.

I continue to learn something new everyday about music and the ways it touches every persons life, and I’m constantly humbled by the ways people are able to come together through music.

How has music changed your life?

Leave comments with your replies!

For more information on the Foundation, visit their website, or stay connected thru Facebook and Twitter!

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