Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has been a constant focus of this semester for me… primarily because I’ve started this blog and have really worked at making it my own, and making it something I can be proud of.

But why do I, and do others, place such an emphasis on blogging?

As I prepare for to deliver a speech tomorrow on the topics of benefits of blogging, it made me think about the benefits that I find in blogging.

Constantly thinking

Maybe it’s the nerd in me, but my blog, and the constant wonder of what I’m going to blog about next, has made me pay more attention to the world around me.  The blog, and searching for “quality content,” has made me become more aware of the topics I discuss and consume, and how they can relate to the world around me, PR, and other areas.

Creative outlet-

My blog allows me to take up this space on the internet and make it completely my own.  In a sense, it is the canvas and I am the painter (as corny as that is…), I am the one making it the work of art that it turns out to be. It is, completely and entirely, my own.

Online portfolio-

It has not only helped me in creating my online brand and identity, but it has helped me create, build and maintain an online portfolio and resume.  This allows for people I may be interviewing with, other students, professors, and even other bloggers, to see what I’ve created, what I’ve done, what I’m capable of, as well as learn a bit more about my personality and what speaks to me.


This one is also a bit corny sounding, but it’s really created a sense of pride within me.  I’m proud of my blog and the road that it’s headed down.  Though I consider it a work in progress, I’m sure I always will, as all good blogs are constantly changing.  But I’ve truly been able to create something all my own, that I’m constantly updating and personalizing, and I’m proud to show it off to anyone and everyone who is willing to take a few seconds to look at it.

What would you add to the list?


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