ObamaCares (& so do young voters!)

Today was quite an exciting day in the world of politics, in case you didn’t notice…

This excitement lead to many creations of memes, a sudden USA > Canada immigration influx, and even a big uh-oh on the part of Fox News & CNN.

But in all seriousness, it was a pretty exciting day no matter what side of the fence you were on. And (for those like me) for a great deal of us, we were wandering around somewhere in the yard scratching our head because we didn’t know what was really going on…

But, being an educated 20-something who plans to vote in the next election, I knew I needed to know more about this. Of course, I could have done some more researched, kept listening to NPR and other news stories about it (as I had)… or I could turn to Facebook.

This lead to a good conversation between college students who presented both sides, different points of view, and different areas to find information on ObamaCare. I am by no means an expert now, but I sure do feel informed. I may even know enough to form my own opinion — gasp! (But let’s not get crazy)

The bottom line really is, though, that when people think my generation isn’t listening, we are. We’re listening, absorbing, thinking, formulating, and trying to figure out what world we’re going to be given when it’s our turn to take over as the adults. And when given a chance to state our opinions and thoughts on things like this, they’re actually intelligent.

What seemed most surprising to people posting today was the fact that the conversation was even happening, and so civilized from different angles. Why can’t that be happening in more places? Why isn’t it?

I not only learned something today about ObamaCare, what it means me for me, and what it will mean in the next few months as poll numbers start to come in, but I learned that whether it be Facebook, Twitter, a phone call, or just talking to someone you’re close to, you can have these conversation — even if you feel like you aren’t up to scruff on your info. Other people out there feel the same way, and the best way to learn about something is to read the facts then hear different sides.


It’s pretty astonishing what a group of 20-somethings can do on Facebook, other than share funny cat videos and rant about our oh-so-insignificant woes.


What’s your opinion on ObamaCare? Leave it in a comment, post it in the Facebook thread, or tweet at me!


I want to hear what you have to say!

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