Lindsay Lohan vs. Miley Cyrus

Just a few short years ago these two teen burn-outs starlits were on a massive downward spiral.

Miley pole dancing at the Teen Choice Awards? Lindsay’s countless arrests? Not to mention some pretty serious fashion DON’TS.

But these two images surfaced this week of the two stars now…

(Okay so maybe I’m not being completely fair to Lindsay, but these both were “big” stories on E! this week.)

Miley is recently engaged and looking super-sleek and sexy in Australia for a night to honor her hubby-to-be Liam Hemsworth.  Though her dress is a bit daring, as the E! Fashion Police point out, I think it definitely captures her personality, her age, and she’s worn much worse.

Lindsay, on the contrary, has made headlines recently for an emergency paramedics visit and now this. Maybe it was just a photo shoot and it wasn’t her idea (Or maybe it was?), but there are lines that need to be drawn. I don’t think it would have been too far out of line for Lindsay (or even her rep, agent, assistant, friend, mom, WHOEVER) to step back and say “You know, right now, I don’t think this would be a good idea for the image I’m trying to rebuild.”

These girls have/in the process crossed a threshold recently from teens down the drain to young women with hope. Lindsay may not be in the clear just yet, but it seems like something she is really striving toward. And I think she can do it, as long as photos like that aren’t a common thing.

I have never, ever, ever in a million years been the biggest fan of Miley Cyrus, or even Lindsay Lohan for that matter, but I can definitely say I’m rooting for them both to make a properly recovery from the sink pit they were in a few years ago. Miley already seems to be on the right track to a bright future. Lindsay, well… I’m pulling for you, girlfriend. Just use some common sense next time.


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